10th Workshop on Algorithms in Bioinformatics

6th - 8th September 2010
University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

Accepted Posters

  1. [1] Panteleimon Zotos, Ioannis Xenarios, and Li Long. “Applying Spectrum Graph Approach in MS/MS Peptide Libraries
  2. [2] Md. Shafiul Alam and Asish Mukhopadhyay. “Restriction Site Mapping and The Point Placement Problem: Improved Upper and Lower Bounds
  3. [3] Mark X. Caddick, Chris Sibthorp, Huihai Wu, Prudence W.H. Wong, and Neil Hall. “High Throughput Sequencing and Motif Analysis of the A.nidulans Transcriptome
  4. [4] Georg Sauthoff, Stefan Janssen and Robert Giegerich. “No Subscripts, No Errors -- Enjoy Dynamic Programming in Bellman's GAP
  5. [5] Yoo-Ah Kim, Stefan Wuchty and Teresa Przytycka. “Simultaneous Identification of Causal Genes and Dys-regulated Pathways in Complex Diseases
  6. [6] Andrew Bromage, Thomas Conway, Bryan Beresford-Smith and Justin Zobel. “Space-Efficient Fragment Assembly using Succinct Data Structures
  7. [7] Ugochukwa C. Anokwuru, Stanley Dappa, Sikhongi S. Phungwayo, Stefan Spears, Rahul Suri, M. Shel Swenson, C. Randal Linder, and Tandy Warnow. “Analyzing a 50,174-taxon Dataset using Maximum Likelihood
  8. [8] Ghada Badr, Krister M. Swenson, and David Sankoff. “Listing All Sorting Sequences by Reversals Problem Revisited with a New Framework
  9. [9] Mona Singh. “Predicting and Analyzing Protein Interactions
  10. [10] Bonnie Kirkpatrick, Hilary Finucane, Yakir Reshef, and Richard Karp. “Algorithms for Comparing Pedigree Graphs
  11. [11] Radoslaw Suchecki, Pierre Chardaire and Katharina T. Huber. “A GRASP-based Approach for the Pure Parsimony Haplotype Inference Problem
  12. [12] F. Schwach, S. Moxon, T. Dalmay and V. Moulton. “Computational Tools for the Analysis of Large-scale Plant Small RNA Data Sets