Schedule (Tuesday, 7th September)

8:30 - 9:00 Morning Coffee
09:00 - 9:50 Invited Speaker: Eran Halperin
Deciphering the Genetic Components of Human Diseases
Mona Singh
10:00 - 10:20 Coffee Break
10:20 - 12:00 Session 5a (ESA)
Thomas Erlebach
Session 5b (ESA)
Sylvain Pion
Session 5c (WABI)
Ion Mandoiu
Budgeted Red-Blue Median and its Generalizations
M. Hajiaghayi, R. Khandekar and G. Kortsarz
Cloning Voronoi Diagrams via Retroactive Data Structures
M. Dickerson, D. Eppstein and M. Goodrich
Fixed-Parameter Algorithm for Haplotype Inferences on General Pedigrees with Small Number of Sites
D.D. Doan and P.A. Evans
All Ternary Permutation Constraint Satisfaction Problems Parameterized Above Average Have Polynomial Kernels
G. Gutin, L. van Iersel, M. Mnich and A.Yeo
A Unified Approach to Approximate Proximity Searching
S. Arya, G. da Fonseca and D. Mount
Haplotypes versus Genotypes on Pedigrees
B. Kirkpatrick
Strong formulations for the Multi-module PESP and a quadratic Strong formulations for the Multi-module PESP and a quadratic
L. Galli and S. Stiller
Spatio-temporal Range Searching Over Compressed Kinetic Sensor Data
S. Friedler and D. Mount
An Efficient Method for DNA-based Species Assignment via Gene Tree and Species Tree Reconciliation
L. Zhang and Y. Cui
Robust Algorithms for Sorting Railway Cars
C. Büsing and J. Maue
Constructing the Exact Voronoi Diagram of Arbitrary Lines in Three-Dimensional Space with Fast Point-Location
M. Hemmer, O. Setter and D. Halperin
Discovering kinship through small subsets
D.G. Brown and T. Berger-Wolf
12:00 - 13:30 Lunch
13:30 - 14:20 Invited Speaker: Artur Czumaj
Local Graph Exploration and Fast Property Testing
Leszek Gąsieniec
14:20 - 14:40 Break
14:40 - 16:20 Session 6a (ESA)
Gerth Brodal
Session 6b (ESA)
Anita Schöbel
Session 6c (WABI)
Nadia El Mabrouk
A Fully Compressed Algorithm for Computing the Edit Distance of Run-Length Encoded Strings
K.-Y. Chen and K.-M. Chao
Median Trajectories
K. Buchin, M. Buchin, M. van Kreveld, M. Löffler, R. Silveira, C. Wenk and L. Wiratma
Accuracy Guarantees for Phylogeny Reconstruction Algorithms Based on Balanced Minimum Evolution
M. Bordewich and R. Mihaescu
Fast Prefix Search in Little Space
D. Belazzougui, P. Boldi, R. Pagh and S. Vigna
Optimal cover of points by disks in a simple polygon
H. Kaplan, M. J. Katz, G. Morgenstern and M. Sharir
The Complexity of Inferring a Minimally Resolved Phylogenetic Supertree
J. Jansson, R.S. Lemence and A. Lingas
On the Huffman and Alphabetic Tree Problem with General Cost Functions
H. Fujiwara and T. Jacobs
Stability of eps-Kernels
P. Agarwal, J. Phillips and H. Yu
Reducing Multi-State to Binary Perfect Phylogeny with Applications to Missing, Removable, Inserted, and Deleted Data
K. Stevens and D. Gusfield
Medium-Space Algorithms for Inverse BWT
J. Kärkkäinen and S. Puglisi
The Geodesic Diameter of Polygonal Domains
S.W. Bae, M. Korman and Y. Okamoto
Improving supertree estimation using Quartets MaxCut
M.S. Swenson, R. Suri, R. Linder and T. Warnow
16:20 - 16:40 Coffee Break
16:40 - 17:55 Session 7a (ESA)
Rob van Stee
Session 7b (ESA)
Sergio Cabello
Session 7c (WABI)
Magnus Bordewich
Polyhedral and algorithmic Properties of Quantified Linear Programs
U. Lorenz, A. Martin and J. Wolf
Algorithmic Meta-theorems for Restrictions of Treewidth
M. Lampis
Fast mapping and precise alignment of AB SOLiD color reads to reference DNA
M. Csuros, S. Juhos and A. Berces
Approximating Parameterized Convex Optimization Problems
J. Giesen, M. Jaggi and S. Laue
Determining Edge Expansion and Other Connectivity Measures of Graphs of Bounded Genus
V. Patel
Design of an Efficient Out-of-Core Read Alignment Algorithm
A.S. Konagurthu, L. Allison, T. Conway, B. Beresford-Smith and J. Zobel
Optimization with More than One Budget
F. Grandoni and R. Zenklusen
Fast Approximation in Subspaces by Doubling Metric Decomposition
M. Cygan, L. Kowalik, M. Mucha, M. Pilipczuk and P. Sankowski
Estimation of alternative splicing isoform frequencies from RNA-Seq data
M. Nicolae, S. Mangul, I. Mandoiu and A. Zelikovsky
18:30 - 22:00 Conference Dinner