10th Workshop on Algorithmic Approaches for Transportation Modelling, Optimization, and Systems

9th September 2010
University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

Accepted Papers

  1. Ralf Borndörfer, Thomas Schlechte and Steffen Weider. “Railway Track Allocation by Rapid Branching
  2. Alberto Caprara, Laura Galli, Leo Kroon, Gabor Maroti and Paolo Toth. “Robust Train Routing and Online Re-scheduling
  3. Thijs Dewilde, Dirk Cattrysse, Sofie Coene, Frits Spieksma and Pieter Vansteenwegen. “Heuristics for the Traveling Repairman Problem with Profits
  4. Frank Fischer and Christoph Helmberg. “Dynamic Graph Generation and Dynamic Rolling Horizon Techniques in Large Scale Train Timetabling
  5. Holger Flier, Matus Mihalak, Anita Schöbel, Peter Widmayer and Anna Zych. “Vertex Disjoint Paths for Dispatching in Railways
  6. Robert Geisberger and Peter Sanders. “Engineering Time-Dependent Many-to-Many Shortest Paths Computation
  7. Marc Goerigk and Anita Schöbel. “An Empirical Analysis of Robustness Concepts for Timetabling
  8. Ekkehard Köhler and Martin Strehler. “Traffic signal optimization using cyclically expanded networks
  9. Sebastien Lannez, Christian Artigues, Jean Damay and Michel Gendreau. “Column generation heuristic for a rich arc routing problem
  10. Dennis Luxen, Peter Sanders, Robert Geisberger, Sabine Neubauer and Lars Volker. “Fast Detour Computation for Ride Sharing
  11. Marcus Poggi, Henrque Viana and Eduardo Uchoa. “The Team Orienteering Problem: Formulations and Branch-Cut and Price
  12. Marie Schmidt and Anita Schöbel. “The complexity of integrating routing decisions in public transportation models